How does it work?


Like other Creative Arts Therapies, Dramatherapy uses creative material to provide the child with enough emotional distance to explore difficult memories, thoughts, relationships, situations and feelings safely.

As well as being an enjoyable process, this therapeutic approach can encourage creativity and imagination, an increase in self-esteem and confidence, improved relationships, self-awareness and the development of positive coping strategies.


EMDR involves revisiting the pictures, beliefs, emotions, body sensations and thoughts associated with difficult or distressing experiences and using bilateral stimulation to assist the process of helping the traumatic memory become ‘unstuck’ and less powerful.  This may involve tapping or the use of buzzers and headphones to help your brain do the work.

As well as working on traumatic memories, EMDR can be used to nurture a more positive self-image, build confidence, develop skills to manage emotions and provide feelings of calm and relaxation.

The main word I hear when my clients use EMDR for the first time is ‘weird’ but within the context of a safe and supportive relationship, this approach can be one of the most effective ways to move on following trauma.


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